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Perfect pair of shoes by Moreschi

The story behind

One of the most classic and respected Italian brands Moreschi was officially founded in 1963 with the unmistakable logo of two stylized men’s shoes, black on white, which became the symbol of a company.
Today, Moreschi expresses its simple but at the same time exquisitely elegant style through the footwear. Craftsmanship, comfort and quality are the keywords that best describe the Moreschi philosophy.

But what does it take to produce a perfect pair of shoes? Here are the some facts behind Italian art of Moreschi shoemaking:

-    400 employees work to produce 250,000 pairs of shoes a year
-    120,000 kg leather for soles used in a year
-    365 days aging time of leather for soles
-    70,000sq m  floor space and 18,000sq m internal company space
-    140 km of string used per year
-    1,000,000 square feet of leather used in a year
-    250 to 350 production steps for each pair of shoes

The process begins in the modelling department where models are created on wooden forms, reflecting fifty years of history. Sole factory producing soles, insoles and heel taps. Next step is the leather cutting and the preparation for the uppers: a stylist writes notes on the plastic shells. The design is applied to a fabric sheet, which is broken down into pieces and supplies instructions to the computer. A pair of uppers is composed of a minimum of eight to a maximum of twenty-four pieces of leather, cut and sewn according to precise criteria. The final step is the most complex and accounts for almost 50 percent of workers. In the assemble phase, the upper is modelled onto the shoes form and the shoes assumes its definitive shape. To finish the shoe, a further ten operations are required: gluing and stitching of the sole of the shoe; cleaning involves applying polish, brushing, and inserting leather insole with its woven label into the shoe. The final touches and colouring before the final check and wrapping in tissue paper before place it in the box.

Moreschi shoes tell an experience made of excellence, tradition and modernity. Strength and resilience combine with lightness and elegance, which is designed to offer flexibility and comfort.

“We have a great story to tell, but what really counts is the unique experience and feeling of wearing our Shoes.”
Francesco Moreschi



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